As scheduled, “Freedom Singers” appeared on “Dragon’s Den Show” , Season six, Epidosde 10 titled “Price of Freedom”.

The CBC show was recorded during the summer and aired Wednesday, December 7, 2011 from 8.00 to 9.00 pm (PST) in BC, and earlier that day for other provinces and time zones in Canada.

“Freedom Singers” book “The Price of Freedom” pitch was 100K for 30% proceeds until money is recouped, then 20% perpetuity.

If you did not watch the show, you can watch it on “Dragon’s Den” Episode website page.

“Freedom Singers” performed a Romanian intro song and told the impressive story of how they fled Romania and made their way to Canada in a locked and sealed vessel container. The Dragon’s were impressed to tears by their story. In the end the Dragon’s decision was to put “Freedom Singers” in touch with some of their top publishers.

Later on last night an update was posted on the “Dragon’s Den” website titled “Update : Price of Freedom“. Here is a quote:

Shortly after that pitch was filmed, Arlene, Robert, and Jim contacted their editors at Harper Collins and Kevin called his at Random House. Both publishing houses asked for copies, and a few days later, both made offers.

“I was absolutely surprised,” said Simon Ivascu, from his home in Kelowna. “I didn’t even think The Dragons would remember us, let alone take the time to do that.”

And while they deeply appreciated the interest, in the end, they opted to continue self-publishing the books and selling them at their concerts and on-line.

To buy a copy of The Price of Freedom and to see them sing in person, check out their website.

We’ll have more details about this deal, and others, on Dragons’ Den Update Special airing Feb. 29, 2012

Lucian Web Service monitored “Freedom Singers” website traffic

As we host “Freedom Singers” website, after the show started to air we monitored our server for the incoming traffic. A flux of traffic to “Freedom Singers” website started to come  around 4:30 pm PST, with a high spike between 5 – 6 pm PST. The orders for their book “Price of Freedom” and their cds started to pour in and continued until after the midnight.

More orders came in Thursday morning and for sure will continue for the next days. You can see how much traffic influence has a TV show and a visited website like “Dragon’s Den”.

“Freedom Singers” will continue their regular musical tours in Canada and US. Find their current schedule on their “Events” page.

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