PentimentoBelow are a couple of links to my new volume-collection Pentimento, published by Interactive Publications. I am very HAPPY with the way it turned out, an arresting realization both cover and content!! (a couple of mistakes on the online-version of the cover will be fixed in a couple of days – see if you find them!)

The title for the volume (which I believe suits it perfectly… of course I would say that…) was inspired by Judith Beveridge, who employed this word/concept as a metaphor and analogy in one of her poems. The cover is from a painting by the amazingly talented Nelus Oana, from Melbourne! Thank you Nelus!!!

…from the Reviews

With poems often inventive and always gripping our attention, Daniel Ionita’s Pentimento is a much-travelled collection that ranges over geographies, poets, dictators, titillations, violence, bitterness, love… musings on the eternal… and unexpected detours such as a plot to kill Santa.

Paul Scully, author, The Fickle Pendulum

Ionita has succeeded – with dexterous flair – in meshing history with the biblical while ribbing authority and human excess through absurdity and surrealism – reminding the reader of Tristan Tzara and the Dadaists… This collection is a significant contribution to Australian poetry.

James Gering, author, Staying Whole by Falling Apart

[Ionita’s poems] are often enigmatic and paradoxical. But they also have a forthright energy and openness, a flair for drama and a desire to connect as well as to entertain… The imagery may be appealingly whimsical, but this is not simple…instantly clear… poetry. A flexible way of reading is required – preferably with a sense of humour and a willingness to respond intuitively to both the charm and the inherent contrariness…

Jean Kent, on Daniel Ionita’s Short Bursts of Eternity