Meet Your Instructors: Huw Collingbourne

When you open a platform up for anyone to teach, there’s a good chance you’ll get a lot of riff-raff. Somehow, though, we here at Udemy have been stupid lucky with talent. Take Huw Collingbourne, for instance. He’s one of our top rockstar Ruby instructors, and let’s just put it this way: the Dos Equis guy ain’t got nothin’ on Huw Collingbourne. If that’s not enough to intrigue you beyond comprehension, here are a few quick facts to get you primed for the interview below. Huw’s been a programmer for more than 30 years, and currently holds the position of Technology Director at SapphireSteel Software. He’s also written a handful of books, including The Book of Ruby (he’ll explain later why there’s a Samurai Robot on the cover)

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Code Wars: PHP vs Ruby vs Python – Who Reigns Supreme [Infographic]

Just as the Japanese, Spanish and French languages are uniquely different, programming languages also have their variations, some more popular and easier to use than others. With the recent introduction of some new ones, there is a ‘war’ of modern day languages. What’s easier and faster to use is not always the best option. Below we highlight three of today’s most popular programming languages. Whether you’re looking to Learn PHP, grab that hot new Python Tutorial, or finally Learn Ruby and conquer Rails, this infographic compares how they differentiate, who uses them, and their popularity. Think you know who reigns? You may be surprised

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Lucian Web Service & Intercer Canada launched a new Adventist website: This website goal is to bring together adventist blogs from all around the world. The Website is made in English language for a larger access. The proposed blogs are organized by languages and by blog content. Submitter may propose new categories. We accept […]

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