If you like to have your pet’s help with your promotions, here is another fun way to share your promotion.

As an example, I did these promotions with my cat, Mr.Tom, for my affiliate work, promoting Udemy Courses, but you can use it to promote anything you like.

Of course, you can do this not only with your pet’s help, but with other props you can think of. Just use your imagination.


These are the steps I followed.

1. Create a funny picture or short video related to the event/course you’re promoting, and post it on Instagram. The funniest thing is the photo shoot or video recording itself!

2. When you post on Instagram you can automatically share the picture or video to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Mixi (Japan)

3. If you use WordPress for your website, use Instagrate PRO plugin to automatically import your Instagram picture or video to your website, as a new post.

You can filter your imported media based on a keyword, media type, Instagram feed type and more. There is also a free version of Instagrate with less features.

4. Use social media sharing tools to share your website post with your audience.

You can see the same picture imported on our Wordpress website here: “Wonder if you got the right Udemy course?

Similar, a video posted on Instagram can be imported in your WordPress website automatically. The original video is here: “How to make a Udemy cat video“. And here is the embedded video.

You can learn more about this in more details in one of our upcoming Udemy course.

Disclaimer: this article contains affiliate links.