Logo by Paper.li
Logo by Paper.li

Paper.li is a website that allows you to generate an automatic daily newspaper with selected content from your social media contacts (Facebook, Twitter, G+), RSS feeds and keyword search terms on these networks.

Your daily Paper.li newspaper will be created daily at a specific time you can choose in your paper settings. You can also setup your content selection, your blacklist, promotion & emails, appearence, allow or not discussion, show or not ad units and stats. You can update your paper anytime, considering that this will replace all your existing content.

There is also a paid version (Paper.li Pro) with $9/month or $99/year. This advanced version lets you customize your newspaper even more, with your newsletter full content included in the automatic email.

Our Udemy Continuing Education Daily Newspaper
Our Udemy Continuing Education Daily Newspaper

Paper.li to Twitter automation

If you look in your Paper.li newspaper settings – Promotion & Emails tab, you can set check the box that says  Twitter [ x ] Send a promotional tweet automatically for each new edition of your paper.

You must either login with your Twitter account or add a twitter account to your settings.

Image by Paper.li – Settings – Promotion & Emails. Click image to enlarge it.

The tweet will look something like this, featuring your main daily newspaper contributors.


You and your Paper.li newspaper subscribers will also get an email with your daily newspaper highlights. See an email sample below.

Paper.li email promotion sample
Paper.li email promotion sample

Paper.li to Facebook and Paper.li to EverNote automation

Here are some Paper.li to Facebook and EverNote recipes:


We will update this article when we will find other possible automation.

Let us know if you use any other Paper.li automation “recipe”! Thanks!