We just launched our new website Earn Cash Back  Rewards.com!

If you are like me, always looking for new opportunities to earn cash back, new rewards either as cash, gift cards, products or more, then you are in the right place!

You’ll find our great cash back and rewards resources that I used for many years or I just discovered recently and tested it. Beside the ability to register yourself, you’ll be able after that to start your own campaign to earn more by referring others or by using the product themselves.

Is it easy?

Many cash back apps and programs are very easy to use, you just register and connect your bank account or credit / debit card and you’re ready to go. In some cases – like Ampli or Drop apps – you don’t even have to show the app when you buy something. The cash back is earned based if you made the purchase with one of your connected cards.

Other programs require you to sign up and then participate in surveys, contests, reviews, financial activities and more.

Is is safe?

Yes. The connection is encrypted and these apps do not have access to your passwords or security questions, they only receive a secret token to connect.

How much can you earn?

You won’t break the bank, but you can earn regular money, gift cards or products to save your household enough to be able to save some money for other goals like travel or family gifts. For example I like to redeem my survey rewards in Amazon gift cards, then I use these to buy household items for free.

Tip: in general you get a bigger reward value in gift cards than in cash / PayPal.


I created this website to earn some cash back and rewards for myself too. You can assume that any product link is a referral / affiliate link and I will earn a reward from that product. You can do the same if you register using my links and then find other interested people to use the apps or products. I see it more like sharing these resources between friends, or between interested people.

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