When you come down to it, all business is basically about negotiation. Whether you’re trying to land a new customer, get your employees to put in more hours, or pitch a VC for funding, you will need negotiation skills. A mastery of negotiation essentially requires a mastery in people. The better you are with people, the better you will perform in any negotiation. At the same time, there are a number of negotiation strategies you can adopt to come out the winner in any business deal: 1. Good Cop/Bad Cop You’ve seen this routine repeated in countless movies – the aggressive, hot-tempered saunters into the interrogation room and intimidates the accused, only to be followed by the kind-hearted fatherly cop who promises better treatment in exchange for co-operation. As trite as it may be, the good cop/bad cop routine is a staple of movies because it works.

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5 Negotiation Strategies Every Entrepreneur Should Know

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