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lex-bg-rightWe all know that life is about connecting.

Big dinners, laughing with friends.
Leading a team – on a project or on a hike.
Sharing your knowledge with people in your field.
Telling that hilarious story everyone loves.
Meeting someone amazing – and being able to share who you really are.

When you can express yourself with confidence + calm, your life is filled-to-overflowing with friendship, authenticity, and opportunities that come from these moments of connection.

I’m Alexa and I’m here to help you make those connections.

Together, we’re going to make every moment of communication an opportunity to shine. It’s totally possible to release your fears and speak your brilliance.  Really.

And when you can speak up + connect? Great things happen.

  • more sales, with less exhausting hustle
  • sold-out workshops and thrilled students
  • videos viewed by thousands of potentials clients
  • lots and lots of second dates
  • higher salaries + better benefits – negotiated with ease
  • connecting with people who really, truly get you
  • knowing your passion + purpose and knowing how to express it.

Best of all, learning how to do this – to connect and communicate with poise and confidence – isn’t hard. I’ve created a course that’s incredibly effective and easy to use – on your own time, at your own pace – 47 short, actionable videos and over five hours of content. These are small shifts that create seismic change.

Even better, instead of engaging in learning by your cyber-lonesome, you get to do the program with ME and a group of incredible students. Together we tackle each module, cheering each other along the way and asking questions as they arise.

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