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Crestin is the Romanian for “Christian”. It can be used for English websites that use “Crest” in their name like “Crest Insurance”, “Crest Independent” etc. The .mobi version can be used for a mobile website or iPhone/Android app. You can get both of them to consolidate your portfolio.


Vitasan is a well known abbrevation in many languages for health products or health advice, nutritional information and more. You can get both of them to consolidate your portfolio.


RoAdventist can be used for a Romanian Adventist resource website. Also in English can be used for other abbreviations like Road, Advent etc. You can get both of them to consolidate your portfolio.


AZs is an abbreviation for Arizona related items (plural). In Romanian language AZS is an abbreviation for “Seventh-day Adventists”. Also it is a very valuable 3 letter domain, with an attractive “.me” extension.

Here are some more AZS abbrevation meanings:

Aarschotse Zwemclub Schoonhoven (Dutch swim club)
Abscission zones
Active zones
Akademicki Zwiazek Sportowy (Polish: Academic Sports Association)
Arizona Southern Railroad
Automatic Zero Set
Aviacon Zitotrans Air Company
Azerbaijan Standard
Samana International Airport, Dominican Republic (airport code)

Name specific domains: 


Lucian means “light” and has 35 millions results on Google.


Rozalia is a Hungarian and Romanian name and it means “Rose”. Rozalia has a 3.3 millions search results on Google. You can use these domains for a personal website or for an organization that uses an abbreviation or name like these.

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