Google+ is now open to the general public

Starting today, September 21, 2011, Google+ social media network is open to the general public. Started in July Google+ was available just on an invitation basis and aquired 25 million users so far. Also, starting yesterday, in an open competition with Google+, Facebook introduced more features related to news feeds, friends list and more. You […]

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Intercer Adventist News – Selected news and media feeds, Twitter lists and digital newspaper

Intercer Adventist News¬†includes and promotes a list of selected News and Media Feeds from different Adventist churches, organizations and individuals. The website provides excerpts of these news and media feeds, with a link back to the source article for full reading. Intercer Adventist News helps Adventist articles, news and media to be better known to […]

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Lucian Web Service & Intercer Canada launched a new Adventist website: This website goal is to bring together adventist blogs from all around the world. The Website is made in English language for a larger access. The proposed blogs are organized by languages and by blog content. Submitter may propose new categories. We accept […]

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