I got to know McKay, when he called me back to give me details on my mortgage refinance rates request on the Borrowell website. A pleasant, calm and mature voice explained me about the available offer and then listen attentive to what I need.

I liked from the start that McKay was very flexible and shown a real interest to meet my request or even offer more. The fact that he is also self-employed made a connection. He inspired trust and I trusted my gut, while I did my due diligence about what we needed. Previously I discussed with another broker which had a similar offer, but did not inspire the same level of trust.

McKay is a Senior Mortgage Planner. McKay‘s company uses a personal touch in working with customers and this makes a big difference.

I visited his website; McKay Wood is a mortgage broker in Vancouver, BC. He has a beautiful family. I was surprised to see he calls himself “The Mortgage Monk”! McKay won the “Best Newcomer for Individual Agent/Broker in Canada” in 2017, and he did a funny and outstanding “James Bond” version of his mortgage broker abilities! He offers a diverse range of mortgage services, including: pre-approval, first-time buyers, renewal, refinance debt consolidation, home equity line of credit (HELOC), insured mortgage, new to Canada mortgage, rental investment mortgage, self-employed mortgage, spousal buyout, and more.

McKay was quick to answer all my questions and his answers put me at ease. He helped me decide what is best for our mortgage refinance and how to navigate this difficult time and benefit from the lower rates, while covering some of the penalty charge from the previous lender. And when you have $9000 penalty to break the contract that is something that may keep you at bay…

McKay helped grown a great and very responsive team. Miki at Customer Support worked on confirming and organizing all the documents, being always very quick in responses. Melanie worked on the document submission, as the Senior Mortgage Underwriter. They all made sure I have submitted all documents for the lender to review.

The second part of the process was straight forward, though it took about three weeks to complete, mostly because the FCT (the lawyer organization that mediates the transactions between the banks) had to wait for the payout transaction from our previous bank. Melanie was on top of things keeping us updated with the new information from FCT and other details. Melanie is pro-active, very knowledgeable and right on point for any request we received. Very important for us: McKay and his team completed everything they promised in the beginning.

The process was smooth and successful. We are now on with the new lender and we’ll save close to $6k in 5 years, only by making the default payment. We plan to pay more and shorten the mortgage amortization as much as we can.

If you want a trustworthy, knowledgeable and responsive mortgage broker team to help you get a new mortgage or refinance your mortgage, McKay Wood & MortgagePal Team is highly recommended. Contact them now at McKayWood.ca !

Thank you, McKay & Team!

Lucian & Rozalia Mihailescu