Lorena Grigore, mortgage expert - A master in finding the easiest mortgage solution!It was that time when we had to move to another city, to be closer to work. This was our first move since we own an apartment. So we had to put our apartment on the market and started to look for a new home. When there is a need, you have to find a solution and you learn from it.

We started the whole process with our bank, but we soon had to learn their limitations, when it comes to your own interest. Usually the bank will give you the option to “port the mortgage”, which sounds like a good deal, but in fact will leave you with your current mortgage rate for the portion of the mortgage you already own. You may get better if you terminate your current mortgage, pay the penalty and get a new mortgage with a lower rate. We found out about this second option only later, but the bank could not qualify us for the amount we needed. We did not realize until now that we can get better options working with a mortgage broker.

We knew about Lorena Grigore’s mortgage specialist services for a few years, as I subscribed to her financial newsletter. She sent periodic news about changes and rate deals in the Canadian banking system, and we learned new terms and strategies. She revealed some mortgage and financial stereotypes, that many people follow, though you may not get the best results on the long-term (like porting the mortgage, RRSP’s and more). We exchanged contacts on LinkedIn, talked on the phone a few times. Lorena & her husband Lucian – a realtor – are active engaged in the local community. They organized the BC Romanian Trade Show in Vancouver four years in a row!

Now being in a need to find a mortgage broker, our first thought was to talk with Lorena, the mortgage expert! She started our application the same day and we were amazed by her high consideration for our own personal interest, to get us the best rates and terms for our new mortgage. Lorena put her mind to work and each step of the way she did not stop until she found the best solution.

Lorena’s strengths are:

  • mathematical precision
  • the ability to organize your financial needs
  • the expert advise
  • the “never give-up” strategy to find what’s in your best interest
  • intelligent sense of humor

We are very pleased with the results and we are just a few days away to move into a new home! We found in Lorena not only a mortgage expert, but also a friend, who encouraged and directed us in our moving journey!

Lorena can help you with any type of financial loan you need:

  • purchase
  • renewal
  • refinance
  • debt consolidation

She can help you with different types of landing products such as: self-employed, clients with credit card debt or other high-interest debt, new immigrants, non-residents, construction mortgages, second and third mortgages, transfer/switches from a lender to another and so on. She provides her service in English, Romanian or a combination of both.

You can get in touch with Lorena through her website: LorenaGrigore.com or by phone (604-722-9890) and email: lorenagrigore@shaw.ca. On her website you can find different mortgage tools and calculators, rates, a library of useful financial & realtor links and more. Her website motto tells it all: “A master in finding the easiest mortgage solution”!

If you are in need of an experienced realtor, you can contact Lorena’s husband at LucianGrigore.com .

Tell Lorena that you read Lucian’s recommendation! Good luck with your new financial experience through Lorena’s mortgage expert services!