When you search for something inside a web page on your computer, you generally can use the combination CTRL+F on a Windows machine, or Control+F on a Mac machine.

If you ever wanted to search a word or an expression inside a web page on your iPhone or iPad, here is a tip for the current iOS8 version.

First, open the web page where you want to search in your iPhone or iPad. In our example I opened this page:


Then type the word or expression in your Safari browser, in the address bar. To do that, tap your address bar, delete the existing web address and type your word or expression. In our example, I typed “java”.

You will notice a list of search results for that expression, including web results, bookmark & history results and “On This Page” results, right at the bottom.


Click on your search expression under “On This Page” section. The word or expression matches will appear highlighted.

At the bottom of the screen you’ll notice a left and right arrow to navigate through each occurrence (in our example there are 21 matches). Also, to the bottom right you will now have a small search box, where you can change your search, if needed.


Now try the search for yourself!