Virtual Mac OS X - hosted Macintosh OS X offers a hosted Macintosh OS X environment from our Data Centers in Western and Eastern Canada.  We run the latest licensed OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 on Apple Branded Hardware.  Our two locations allow for desktop sessions around the world. ” – vmOSX website

I became acquainted with Virtual Mac OS X when I needed to work on some iPhone/iPad apps and be able to upload these to the Apple Store.

I do not own a Mac. so I was looking for an inexpensive solution to work on a Mac without actually own it. I searched the web for “virtual mac” and I got to .

I was glad to find they are located in Canada and have a server in the Western Canada, which was even pretty close to my location. I ordered a managed plan that fitted my needs and soon after I received an email with all the service configuration, complete login details & instructions. That was quick! I paid less than $15/month and I could keep the service for as long as I needed.

The second time I needed a virtual Mac was when I needed to download my copy of Mountain Lion that I bought on Apple Store. You need a Mac machine to be able to download an item from Apple App Store. I plan to install this Mac OS on a PC using VirtualBox software from Oracle. Mac OS X 10.8 requires at least 2 GB of memory, so James from vmOSX graciously increased my server memory.

I highly recommend, as an affordable & reliable virtual Mac service, very easy to use, with an excellent customer service support.” – Lucian Mihailescu,

vmOSX Managed Plans

You may want to use a managed plan if you need to work on a Mac environment and develop your apps.

The plans range from $7.75 (USD) per week to $19.75 per month, with a lite plan of $14.75/month. Storage ranges from 1 GB to 5 GB.

All managed plans come with OS X Mavericks with the latest version of XCode and 4GB RAM 1066 DDR3.

vmOSX Dedicated Plans

If you need to work on a full Mac server, with the admin capabilities, you may want a Dedicated plan.

Dedicated plans range from $24.75 per month to $54.75 per month, with memory between 1GB to 3GB, a dedicated IP and a fast 40 GB Drive as storage.

All dedicated plans come with OS X Mavericks Server, with the ability to Build Server, Run services or Run a full suite of services.

How to login to your virtual Mac

From a Mac you can login to your virtual Mac via a Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion based computer then you can use Finder-Go-Connect to Server

From a non-Mac machine –  Windows, Android, Linux and iOS devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone) –  you can use a VNC client (like tightVNC, Mocha, or Screens) or Team Viewer .

You can also FTP into your virtual Mac using File Zilla, using the provided login details.

If you need an inexpensive solution to work on a Mac, get your plan today on today!