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When you’re looking for an efficient lose weight app , you will come across the Android app “Lose weight without dieting” by Harmonic Soft. As you may have fight with dieting many times, this app title gives you more hope for a better way to lose weight.

The app allows you to record your food choices and your exercises, so you can monitor your overall calorie intake.

The latest app version includes Bonuses, so you can climb from newbie to champion level. You can do that by following the healthy food recommendations, eating healthy and doing exercises. You can use bonuses to get discounts when you buy the full app version.

This app distinct itself from other similar apps though the excellent nutrition program. The app can schedule your food & exercise program for the next one or two weeks. Also, the latest version improved the app communication with the server, by including synchronization for multiple devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

“Lose weight without dieting” app include also calorie count charts, nutrition and exercise diary, calculation of a daily norm of calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, history charts, and meal reminders. You can take pictures of your meal and record it in your diary.

You can get the full app version from $1.49 to $5.99, depending on your bonus level.

Start to lose weight today with “Lose weight without dieting” Android app!

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