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We can’t imagine internet without all those viral videos with cats, dogs & other animals, with funny or stupid things, with courageous or fearful situations.

I recently watched some of these and I was delighted.

Paddle boarding with baby dolphins

This is a short video submitted by paddle boarder Rich German, where he is followed by 6 Bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Laguna Beach CA. One of the baby dolphins plays around his board and makes a nice jump! Rich is excited while he is paddling around.

It is funny to watch those dolphins in their own habitat and observe their interactions with people. You can notice a Jimi Hendrix picture on his board and I wonder how the dolphins will react to his music.

Your turn now to watch Paddle boarding with baby dolphins !

Baby dances inside mother’s pregnant belly

This video shows precious moments of a baby moves inside mother’s pregnant belly. The mom recorded this and added a nice musical soundtrack and it looks like baby’s moves are following the music. These memories will be dearly valued later, when the baby will grow and see for him or herself this early life experience.

Watch now this video here: Baby dances inside mother’s pregnant belly

Labrador puppy slides down stairs

This is a funny one. The Labrador puppy named Bracken coming down the stairs, decides to not walk, but to slides down stairs! Not sure how he figured out this, maybe he was lazy! It is so fun to see his position while he slides down. It looks like he is swimming! Anyway, the method works, so mission accomplished, Bracken! I wonder what other things he will invent later!

Enjoy this video for your own amusement here: Labrador puppy slides down stairs

Have fun and find more viral videos daily on Rumble!

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