I still have some Fare Savers (paper tickets) for BC TransLink and I was wondering if they are still valid. I search for “fare savers still valid” and I found some good articles with information.

Fare Savers were discontinued at the end of January 2016, but the existing fare savers can still be used.

“The FareSavers that are still out there can be used. There’s no specific date right now where people who are still travelling with FareSavers aren’t able to use them anymore(…) FareSavers do not expire, so even after January if people still have their FareSaver booklets, they’re able to use them not only on busses but other modes of transit—until the fare gates close. You can also transfer the remaining value of a FareSaver to a Compass card.”

Also people interested to use the TransLink only when they visit and get a good deal on tickets, can use the new Compass tickets.

“We do still have paper tickets—the Compass tickets. We’ve got Compass cards and we’ve got Compass tickets. So if you’re a tourist and you’re just getting off a cruise for a day, you can still get a paper ticket called a Compass ticket at the same vending machine as you would get a Compass card.”

Source: TransLink is axing FareSavers. Here’s everything you need to know

How to get the new Compass card?

“The new cards require a $6 deposit. Once purchased, users can load up a monthly pass or “stored value” to pay for individual rides. Compass cards charge the same rate for rides, including the discount, as the old FareSaver tickets. You can order a Compass card online or by phone or buy it from:

  • Vending machines at SkyTrain, SeaBus and West Coast Express stations
  • BC Ferries terminals in Horseshoe Bay and Tsawwassen
  • 18 London Drugs stores
  • “FareDealer” convenience stores

Preloaded Compass cards are also available at most FareDealer stores, allowing transit riders to travel immediately without needing to register the cards or load stored value.”

Source: FareSaver paper tickets no longer for sale ahead of Compass faregate closure

More information you can find directly on the official Compass TransLink website:

Image source: Vancouver Sun