Most of us will surely enjoy a good deal on a product that you love. Finding the best deals takes time and some research. There are many coupon websites, but often it is frustrating to try many coupons until you find at least one that works…

This is where the community comes into place: DealSpotr members make it possible to have the best accurate coupon website! They spot deals, curate them and they share it with you so you can save money! It’s all free! To be even more attractive, you can be part of DealSpotr and earn rewards for your activity. A perfect win-win situation!

DealSpotr has the highest coverage and reliability of coupon codes in the industry. Its large and growing community provides the best coverage of promo codes vs Retailmenot,, Groupon, or any other coupon site. DealSpotr recently conducted an analysis of over 550 promo codes posted at major coupon sites and found as the most reliable provider of codes.

You can sign-up with your Facebook account or register with your own email. Periodically there is a sign-up promotion like this one: “You’ll earn +1,000 bonus points upon registration and email confirmation today.” You can also sign-up through a referral from an existing DealSpotr member (like mine, in this example), in which case you can win even more points (5,000) after you sign-up, confirm your email and complete the initial checklist.

DealSpotr activities consist of posting deals, validating deals posted by others, spotting hot deals, rating different shops, comment and share deals and more. You get points for each activity.

Before you post a deal, you have to check if it has the best price by comparing the same product price on Amazon, Google etc. Once you’re sure you got the best deal you can submit it to DealSpotr and include images, description and details.

To validate a deal you check the deal link and take a screenshot of the page and include helpful comments. Your accuracy level will increase with more validated deals.

You can share DealSpotr deals to your favorite social media website or embed the deal to your blog or website, through an easy to use recently added tool. You can select your share options, add your affiliate code (if any) and the embedded code is created automatically, just to be copied and paste to your website.

Once you get more active, you can apply to become an Influencer. dealspotr-logo-shareAs an Influencer you can validate more deals per day and earn more. You have a list of goals to achieve and you can progress to different levels as: Bronze, Silver and Gold status.

You can earn Amazon gift cards, or cash (if you are a Gold status Influencer). In DealSpotr “currency” 5000 points equals $5. You can exchange your points for gift cards every time you reach a 10,000 point threshold.

I noticed that your points can add-up pretty quickly by following the daily checklist. You can validate a few deals per day (3 deal edits per day for new members), spot some hot deals and then other members will notice your promoted deals and you get rewarded with more points.

Once you get to the Influencer status you can achieve more goals and do more activities. For example, at the Silver status you’ll be able to add a “Verified Influencer” badge to your website. At the Gold status you’ll be able to submit an article about DealSpotr for approval and more.

If you want to add a fun and rewarding activity to your list, check out DealSpotr today!