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Staree.com is a new service provided by IZEA Inc. (the creators of SponsoredTweets.com) that lets you monetize your photos and videos.

You can make money when people click the Google ads on the sidebar of your Staree profile pages.

You can upload your photos and videos from your web profile.

Staree also has an iPhone and an Android app (search for Staree on Apple Store and Google Play) and will allow you to upload your pictures and videos from your smartphone. Staree app is similar with Instagram app, but with less filters.

You can apply for a free account at Staree.com . You can login with your Facebook or Twitter account. Your Klout account may be required with your application. On the signup form you will be asked to fill out your social media websites where you usualy post your content (blog, youtube, facebook, twitter etc.)

Check out my Staree photos here:

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Lucian Mihailescu () on Staree
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