google-plus-logo-318x308Google+ introduced a couple of new features on Monday, including a new tool that allows bloggers and content creators to embed public Google+ posts on other sites.

Users who wish to highlight a Google+ post within a news story or on a personal blog can do so by clicking the “Embed post” tab from the drop down menu in the post’s upper righthand corner. Users can then copy and paste the available line of code to embed the post, including text and photos. (…)

Google+ also rolled out Author Attribution on Monday, a feature that ties an author’s web article or blog post to their Google+ profile. For example, if an author uses his or her Google+ account to login with WordPress, her post will be automatically linked back to her Google+ profile. (…)”

Read full article here: Google+ Introduces Embedded Posts

Here is an example of an embedded post from our G+ account. Enjoy!