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7 top founders and CEOs explain how to raise money for your startup! Over 11 lectures and 7 hrs of content!

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Naval Ravikant – Before you Raise Money

Naval Ravikant is an entrepreneur and angel investor, a co-author of Venture Hacks, a blog that helps entrepreneurs raise capital, and AngelList, which helps connect entrepreneurs with angel capital.

Gagan Biyani – Meeting Angels and VCs

Gagan is co-founder of Udemy. Within 1 year of deciding he wanted to start a company, he met over 90 angel investors and VC’s (yes, really, we counted) and raised $1M from a syndicate of investors who’s pedigree included Yelp, YouTube, LinkedIn, Zynga, Playdom, Mint.com, SlideShare, and more.

Dave McClure – The Investor’s Perspective

Dave is the Founder of 500 Startups, the most prolific angel investment firm in 2010 (even though it only began operations in August). Previously Dave managed early-stage investments for Founders Fund and ran Facebook’s fbFund REV.

Jay Jamison – Constructing a Killer Pitchdeck

Jay is a Venture Partner at Blue Run Ventures and a top-rated mentor at the Founder Institute. Previously, as CEO of Moonshoot, he helped the company raise over $8 million in VC.

Yokum Taku – Legal Aspects of Fundraising

Yokum is a corporate and securities partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. He represents startup companies seeking venture backing, private companies that have raised money, and public companies. Yokum has seen over 50 angel and venture financings in the last year alone.

Jude Gomila – Nailing the Pitch Meeting

Jude Gomila is currently co founder of Heyzap (Union Square Ventures and Y Combinator funded in 2009). Heyzap has raised over $4M in financing from some of the best investors in the US.

Adeo Ressi – Closing the Funding Round

Adeo also runs the Founder Institute, a mentoring program that helps entrepreneurs launch hundreds of world-class companies each year. The Institute is the eighth start-up that Adeo has founded or built, four of which were acquired and three of which are still operating. The Institute is on track to become the largest technology startup incubator on the planet.

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Startup University – Startup Courses for Startupers

Startup University is an effort to provide anyone in the world with access to the leading experts in the startup community. The top entrepreneurs and investors from Silicon Valley speak on the record about how they built their businesses. Each series has a specific topic – such as “Raising Capital” or “Social Marketing” and experts on those topics deliver clear, actionable education on the subject. Series are split into multiple lectures so every course by Startup University has between 3-8 parts.

Instructors include Dave McClure (Investor at 500 Startups), Naval Ravikant (Founder of AngelList), Adeo Ressi (Founder of Founder Institute), Dan Martell (Founder of Flowtown), Immad Akhund (Founder of HeyZap), Auren Hoffman (Founder of Rapleaf), and more.

A core focus of Startup University is actionable instruction, so each founder and investor is coached before each talk. They are told to focus entirely on advice people can use and to ignore the traditional fluff you would hear at an industry conference. This focus has made Startup University one of the highest rated and most watched courses on Udemy.
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