Now you can search for Google+ posts, people and sparks using the “Search Google+” box at the top of your G+ screen.

You need to be logged in to your G+ to see all these features. The public can also search on Google+, but only for public posts and people.

Search results are customized based on your Google+ friend circles.

In the image below, notice the top tabs to search by: Everything — People – Google+ Posts – Sparks

For example: If you search for “web hosting” in Google+ search box you can find some of our articles listed at the top as “The best of”.

You can also switch to “Most recent” tab to view the latest articles that include “adventist” word.

You can search for multiple items like:

web hosting OR canada

web hosting AND canada

How to find people on Google Plus

You can do a people search on Google+ by clicking on the “People” tab. For example, the image below shows a search for the name “smith”.

Of course, if you know a person full name, last name or first name you can search for it. You can narrow your search by adding more specific search term.

Here is an example of a search for my name. Beside each name you’ll see an “Add to circles” button, so you can add that specific persons to your friend circles.

Notice the “Save this search” button that will allow you to save this search for a future use. A link to the saved search will appear on the top left side of your page, under your circle names.

Similar you can specifically search for Google+ posts and Sparks articles. You can switch between “Best of” and “Most recent” results.

Here is a sample of Sparks search for the word “economy”: