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In my world, everyone I talk to has heard of search engine optimization (SEO). But I’ve always wondered: do regular people in the U.S. know what SEO is? With Google’s new Consumer Surveys product, I can actually find out. I asked 1,576 people “Have you heard of ‘search engine optimization’?”

It turns out only 1 in 5 people (20.4%) in the U.S. have heard of SEO! The survey also turned up an interesting gender difference: almost 25% of men have heard of SEO, but only about 16% of women have. Doing this sort of market research in the past would have been slow, hard, and expensive. Asking 1,500 people a simple question only costs about $150.

So what poll, question, or survey would you run? Try it out for yourself at:

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2 thoughts to “Google Consumer Survey – Insights for a better product

  • Danny Castro

    I think it is funny that people have no idea what SEO is. There surfing habits and often online spending habits are dictated and often predicated, via the magic of google adwords and such. Yet they don't realize the amount of work and money that was put in to make it so that they reach the pages they do and spend money at the sites they do.

  • Lucian Mihailescu

    Thanks, +Danny Castro , that's true…

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