If you want to find a great affiliate program, with a good payout & many other rewards, take a look at the Udemy Affiliate Program! Find important Udemy Affiliate and Instructor Resources at the end of this article.

My Udemy Story

I have been involved in affiliate marketing since 2008. I like being an affiliate because it allows me to share great resources with my website & social media contacts. Also, as an affiliate you are an intermediary between the seller and the customer, and you don’t have to deal with distribution, customer service and so on. I tried different programs like Google Adsense, Chitika, Scour Search Engine, Wealthy Affiliate, OIO Publisher, Lunarpages, Kontera, Sponsored Tweets, Softlayer, etc. With some of them I made under a hundred, but with most of these programs I made a few hundred dollars in total over a period of a few months to a year. Not enough to make a living from it, but anything extra helps, right?

For my non-profit websites, where we don’t sell any products and a big part of the traffic comes from Romania, the best fit is Google Adsense. For my English audience websites, the best fit is the Udemy Affiliate Marketing Program (AMP).

Why Udemy and how I got started with Udemy AMP

I learned a lot about how affiliate programs work in the past few years. Why is Udemy such a good fit for me and my websites? My background in education probably has a role in it. You want to be involved in an affiliate program that you like, but you also want to make some money from your effort. Everyone likes a reward! Udemy rewards you with 50% of each course sale made with your Udemy Affiliate ID.

I found out about Udemy courses from a Groupon email in September 2011. I bought Learn to Develop an iPhone or iPad App in 4 Weeks at 70% off, which was a great deal.

After I signed up for the course, I learned about the Udemy Affiliate Program and I started right away. I started from zero; I did not have to invest money when I started Udemy AMP. I learned and applied new methods. Some methods were obvious, others I read about. I also created my own methods.

My wife, Rozalia, is my business partner. She creates Udemy articles and new offers and she manages the social media campaigns. I take care of the technical stuff. I communicate with the Udemy team, instructors, and prospects, and I do some social media campaigns myself. I also manage some of our other advertising channels.

We made money the first month: we sold two courses valued at $99, so we got $49.50 for each. The next month we sold another course, and we got $49.50 again. It was great to see money coming in already!

After that, we put some serious work into this program, and the results continued to increase. (Read More at the source)

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