Warm-Up Exercises For Writers – Build The Confidence And Techniques You Need For Great Non-Fiction Writing

by Cathy Presland

So you’re a writer…?

Just like every athlete needs great warm-up exercises; so every writer needs great writing exercises.

This course is designed to get you started as a writer. To practice getting your words onto paper or onto your computer so that you can build confidence to write and publish your work.

What Makes “Good” Writing?

You’ll learn the four clear principles of good non-fiction writing. The four “C’s” I call them. And all the exercises are carefully designed to fit within that structure. Every time you do one, you are building technique in one of those four principles.

It’s just like flexing a muscle at the gym – getting fitter helps you play your chosen sport better.

Practice Makes Perfect?

When people tell you that you need to practice as a writer, it’s hard to know what that means. Well, this course gives you twelve exercises to choose from to get the practice you need, to find your own style, and to build the confidence to press “publish”. Go through them day by day, or just pick any one to get started writing.

Who’s This For?

Designed for authors and bloggers at any level, this course will get your writing from good to great in just three minutes a day!

If you’re also taking Instant Author, then these are perfect exercises to get you into the writing groove in the first week of that course while you’re planning out your book.

This course is also a perfect fit for anyone creating video, audio or any kind of written information product – the same principles apply and these exercises will help you create engaging content whatever format you are using.

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