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Over 8 lectures and 7.5 hrs of content!

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Welcome and congratulations for your interest and for choosing my unique detoxification and weight loss programme for excellent health and well-being, a beautiful body, a plenitude of energy and high-spirited thoughts!

Who should attend this course:

Those who want to gain back a splendid figure, health and well-being in a short period of time
Those who fight being overweight unsuccessfully for a long time
Those who want to look younger and full of energy
Overworked people suffering from stress
Creative and spiritual people, as body detoxification enables clear thoughts and spirit
In this course you will learn:

Detoxification facts for beginners
How to prepare healthy food
How to make your own recipes
New ways of food preparation
Correct food combining rules
Daily tricks for healthy living
Natural body cycles truths
Fruit secrets
Green smoothie magic
Everything about sprouting
This is a very effective programme for long-term weight loss without restricting food, counting calories or any negative side-effects on your health, which are the consequences of most diets.

Detoxification provides the necessary conditions for your body to begin to rid itself of the toxins which accumulate in our bodies over years due to improper diet, environmental pollution, stressful lifestyles, physical inactivity etc. Conditions for optimal detoxification are achieved through proper diet that consists of a high proportion of raw, live food and other lifestyle changes of individuals.

I will guide you through the programme at a steady and reliable pace with the aim of achieving long-term results in the form of a beautiful body, mind and soul.

Wishing you happiness on your road to success!

Your Karla

Please, feel free to email me to info@karlaklander.com

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Karla Klander

Nutritionist, Healthy Lifestyle and Natural Hygiene Consultant, Writer and Columnist
Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle have been an integral part of my life for over ten years. I graduated from the Fit for Life Sciences Institute and College of Natural Health in Canada with honours, and am constantly searching for new knowledge in all fields of my involvement. I have cooperated with multiple individuals and organisations that also deal with nutrition and healthy eating and have helped individuals achieve weight loss and wonderful health, excellent well-being and satisfaction with life.

I give individual advice on, and write programmes for, changes in diet and lifestyle and am a teacher of natural health and natural hygiene.

My strength and love lie in writing, through which I discover what I have to give to the world. I write books, handbooks, columns and various professional articles.

During my twenties I suffered from severe and unidentified stomach illness, which gave my life a whole new meaning. The chronic and agonising pain gave me a firm belief that I would alleviate my condition by myself, and consequently discovered that the solution lay in my diet. I changed my eating habits completely and restored my exhausted and drained body to its former glorious self. With these dietary changes I achieved stunning and miraculous results. That is why nutrition became my greatest interest and passion in life, except for my beautiful three-year-old daughter.

Through deeper research and greater knowledge of eating habits, with which Mother Nature equipped us but from which the modern man continues to distance himself, I constantly asked myself why this truth and knowledge is not more widespread throughout the world and why countless people continue to suffer and die needlessly. My mission became to teach people how to take care of our health by ourselves with changes to our diet and lifestyle, thus avoiding the Western world’s worst diseases and live full and joyful lives with good health, well-being, and a lot of energy instead, all of which continue well into old age. My mission is to stir people into becoming independent, responsible for their own health and enable them to accomplish endless feats. Through my example, my story and my knowledge, I wish to offer people the hope and belief that immeasurable power and most answers lie in us.

My life’s goal is to help creatively build a world full of kind, glowing people, all of whom live full and healthy lives and shine in all their gifts and abilities.

Only 39! Order here:

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