Recently Udemy introduced a program called Rewards.


You can get more discounts on top of coupons, based on creating an account with Udemy, your login with Facebook on Udemy website, Facebook friends and more.

These extra rewards can go up to 50%! And that is on top of any discount coupon you may have!

Note: You need to be logged in to see the above link.

So the first step is to create an account. If you connect with your Facebook account you’ll get even more rewards.

Then visit often Udemy.com and our website ContinuingEducation.Me for the latest Udemy deals on programming, business, social media, startups, health, music, technology and more.

What this means for an Udemy Affiliate?

Here is the answer I got from Udemy Support.

“The reward feature works like a discount code, where if a student purchases a course using a discount code on top of your affiliate code, you will get 50% of the course discounted sales price. 
For instance, if a course costs $100 and the student purchases it through your affiliate link with a 50% discount code, then you would receive $25 (50% of the discounted $50 price) for the purchase.”

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