Add Kontera ads on your website todayI use Kontera In-Text Ads for Publishers since 2008. After installing Kontera Ads code to your website, the Kontera relevant terms show as underlined words or expressions that users can mouse over to show the full ads. You get revenue for the clicked ads. It has a better CTR (Click-Through Rate) for the English language websites, but I was able to use it also on our Romanian websites, as many technical words in Romanian language come from English.

You can submit one or more of your websites for approval and each website will get its own tag (code), so you can review your statistics for each individual website.

The minimum payout is $50 and you get the money through PayPal, check, wire transfer or International EFT.

Add Kontera ads on your website today!

Here is some more information about Kontera In-Text Ad Network.

Kontera for Publishers

Using its patented semantic engine to analyze and understand the true meaning of a page, Kontera delivers relevant In Text ads and information units to your users while driving significant, complimentary revenue to your bottom line.

Since Kontera’s In-Text Advertising units are only activated when users engage with them, Kontera is a non-intrusive way to enhance the user’s browsing experience on your website or blog and deliver additional revenue along with control over the look and feel of your site. Add Kontera ads on your website today using our simple sign-up process.

  • The best payout in the business
  • Premium ads with market-leading CPC
  • Record high CTRs
  • The best relevancy and user experience
  • Works within your text – no extra space required
  • Takes only a minute to set up

Monetize your Website Content with Kontera In-Text Ads

Kontera serves over 15,000 quality publishers every day with superior relevancy and an exclusive ad inventory that can not be beaten. More publishers choose Kontera than any other In-Text advertising network. Here’s why:

  • An Additional Revenue Stream from your Website – Kontera’s In-Text ads provide you with a sustainable revenue stream from your online content.
  • The Best Payout in the Business: 70% Revenue Share, Signing Bonus for qualified sites with over 25k US pageviews/month, and you get paid starting at $50!
  • Superior Semantic Technology – Kontera’s patented Story-Level Targeting delivers unmatched user-experience & results. We understand your content in real time and serve your users with the most relevant and highest paying ads.
  • Exclusive Ad Inventory – Big-brand advertisers that you won’t see anywhere else; with unique creatives that deliver record-high CTRs and CPC.
  • Works Within Your Text – no extra space required and no changes to your website.
  • Plug & Play – Set up takes a minute. Easy-to-install plugins for popular blogging platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Joomla &, Drupal make implementation a breeze.
  • You’re in control – Keep track of your revenue and other performance metrics with our reporting system.

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