You can use Vine It bookmarklet to share your Vine video on Tumblr or to embed your video on your website.

Get “Vine it” bookmarklet

Get “Vine it” from . Just drag the bookmarklet to your browser bookmarks bar.


Share on Tumblr or get the embed code

Go to one of your Vine video pages. Click on your “Vineit” bookmarket and you’ll see a message at the top: “hover over a vine video to start sharing”.

Mouse over (hover over) your Vine video and you’ll see the two options:

– Share on Tumblr

– Get embed code

See the image steps below. Click on each image to enlarge it.

Vineit Image #1
Vineit Image #2


Vineit Image #3
Vineit Image #4


Embed Vine Video

Add the embed video code from Image #4 into your page in the html/text source code. It will look like this:

Embed Vine video tweet automatically in WordPress

If you’re using WordPress, you can simply copy and paste your tweet URL into your WordPress post to include your Vine video.

Be sure to NOT LINK the tweet URL, just paste it as simple text. It will look like this.

Good luck with your Vine videos!