With OnlyWire you can submit your posts to 50 social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Google+ Pages, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, Identica, Blogger and more.

It seems that for now OnlyWire is the only service that allows you to auto-post your articles to Google+ .

You can submit your articles with the OnlyWire Submitter or using a OnlyWire WordPress plugin.

Check out OnlyWire here:

OnlyWire – One button, Publish Everywhere

You can post to your content Google+ profile and to one of your Google+ pages. The G+ post will have your post title and link. It looks something like this:

OnlyWire gives you a free trial with 300 submissions included, then the cheapest subscription is $10/mo + $3/mo for Captcha for 1000 submissions/month. There are other plans for more submission volum.

Usualy they send you a deal with the first paid month half off, so you pay just $6.50 in the first month.

After you login click on your username at the top right.

Start – in this section you can download the OnlyWire Submitter for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. There is also a WordPress plugin for Onlywire named OnlyWire for WordPress [OFFICIAL] .

Then you can install the OnlyWire “Bookmark & Share Button” on your website, so your visitors can bookmark and share your articles. You can select which social media buttons you want to include. The WordPress plugin already includes has the “Bookmark & Share Button”, you just need to setup your social media networks in it.

Services – in this section you can enter your login for the social media networks you want to submit your posts.

History – in this section you can review the status of your submission to each invidiual social media network. You can manually re-submit a post that didn’t go through.

My Account -> Usage –  Click on My Account and then on “Usage” to check your monthly submission usage. One submission means one post submitted to one individual social media network.

My Account -> Plan – Here you can manage your information and OnlyWire subscription plan. You can check to allow more submission over your plan limit or to cap it to your monthly plan.

Feeds – you can also submit your posts from an RSS feed.

Try OnlyWire today!

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OnlyWire – One button, Publish Everywhere

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