Jobs in Social Media for Adventist Organization Websites

Looking to find an Adventist organization to hire us to do their social media activities. Please pass this on if you know any interested Adventist organization. Also you can share this article to help other people interested to find jobs in Adventist organization & social media. (English language) #Adventist #AdventistPages #Job #SocialMedia #Affiliate #Marketing #HappySabbath […]

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#AdventistPages current G+ circle, now with 62 organizations.

Please add it to your circles, share it with your fellow Adventists and add more to the list. Use the hash tags #AdventistPage or #AdventistPages to find your new pages easier. Visit Directory for a list of existing #AdventistPages and personal profiles (120+ currently). This directory is permanently updated. There are about 25 Seventh-day […]

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You can now go to your paper settings and add a Google+ ID or some Google+ keywords to your daily digital newspaper. Find our "Adventist Tweets" #AdventistPage daily digital newspaper at content tab setting, now has Google+ user and Google+ keywords Google+: View post on Google+

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