Here are some testimonies about our work for both Lucian Web Service and our volunteer ministries.

LinkedIn Profile & Recommendations

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Owner at Lucian Web Service, Social Media & Affiliate Marketing Manager 

“Lucian is an experienced, knowledgeable and giving person who is eager to help others maximize their internet capabilities. He is most generous with his expertise and supportive to his clients. Working with him is beneficial because your outcomes will be rewarding and financially beneficial. You would be most fortunate to learn and gain from this trustworthy techie!” April 18, 2013

Sandy Chernoff, Soft Skills Consultant, – More of Sandy Chernoff Testimonials 

“During the time I have enjoyed the privilege of getting to know Lucian, I have been especially impressed by his expertise both as a technical and marketing professional, and as a man who is genuinely interested in building relationships and reciprocating for value. His clients benefit from his caring, principled approach and those business owners who are wise enough to collaborate with him can look forward to a lasting and lucrative relationship. I value my relationship with Lucian and I highly recommend him.” December 30, 2012

Robin J. Elliott, President, Leverage Advantage Systems, (business partner) – More of Robin. J. Elliott Testimonials

“Lucian is a dedicated visionary and hard worker. He sees the vision for social media and has for years, while the rest of are just catching on. Lucian is a leader in social media, and can help your organization or department reach your goals.” May 23, 2012

Darryl Hosford, President, (colleague), worked directly with me (I was a subcontractor for Simpleupdates between 2002-2009)

“Lucian literally saved my neck on a large project years ago. His professional skills as a web designer and software writer were just what we needed. His commitment to ministry and fulfilling the Adventist mission is a driving force behind the service he provides. I’m happy to recommend him to anyone who need quality web support.” May 25, 2011

Rich DuBose, Director, Church Support Services at Pacific Union Conference, hired Lucian as a Programmer/Web Designer more than once

“Lucian is an absolutely brilliant web developer and programmer. He is the one that can track down and resolve issues that others can’t. He is innovative and is constantly coming up with new systems and ideas. He also is one of the most generous, giving people I know and truly supports his community and his church with his talent and his time. I would highly recommend Lucian to any organization.”

Judi Paliungas, Owner, Palimor Studios hired you as a IT Consultant in 2005 and hired you more than once

“Lucian is able to define the problem and determine the most suitable solution based on all variables involved at a given moment. He is knowledgeable, quick and accurate.” August 18, 2008

Cristian David, Independent Information Technology and Services Professional, hired you as a IT Consultant in 2005 and hired you more than once

“Lucian is hosting several sites for our company and he proved to have excellent customer skills. Lucian has been always available to help and to get us you out of trouble. He is a real professional, has a creative team and is a great person to work with.” September 3, 2008

Corneliu Rusu, Manager, Symposia Community Bookstore (business partner)

“Lucian has provided web services for the two agencies I manage. He has demonstrated superb work ethics and prompt delivery. It has been a pleasure working with him. I recommend Lucian without hesitation.” September 11, 2008

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Gianluca Bruno hired Lucian as a IT Consultant in 2006

“When I was searching for a Christian professional to help me set up my website, I contacted several services who seemed more interested in their way of doing things than giving me the help I needed.  They gave the impression that they were targeting businesses with big budgets and have little use for ordinary people who need help.  Some did not respond after I told them what I needed, and others simply told me they could not help me.  Lucian Mihailescu responded promptly to my inquiry.  He was friendly, personable, and positive about his ability to provide the help I needed.  He has taken a sincere interest in my project.  He is very knowledgeable, and his work has exceeded my expectations.  The instructional video he made to teach me how to maintain my website was excellent, and it was easy to understand.  His prices are reasonable.  In my opinion, you won’t find a better person to assist you with your website or your training needs.  Thank you, Lucian, for all the help you have provided me!  I look forward to working with you for many years to come.”

Len Doughty – Client

“When I was looking for someone to do my website I looked in the phone book and found two listings, so I prayed for God to direct me in the direction he wanted me to go and he lead me to your ad. I feel that this was a true blessing to be put in contact with you.
Thank you and God bless.”

Terry Wohl – Client, November 2008

“I have worked with Lucian Web Service for 2 years now and have set up 3 websites in that time period.  They followed my wishes and adapted designs to best suit my needs.  Whenever I need something changed in the design or in the layout of the website I always receive prompt service. Fast and friendly service is their mark in the website design market.”

Janet Hall – Principal at Prairie Adventist Christian eSchool

“Lucian’s personalized attention to detail, very quick response time, along with an incredibly well priced service – these are the reasons why I use Lucian’s Web Service.” August 27, 2006

Frank Grisdale, Owner, was Lucian’s client

President at “Intercer Canada”, volunteer

“Lucian likes to volunteer. He manages Christian volunteer projects since 1997. I had the pleasure to know a part of his wonderful work, through one of this websites, , an outstanding website that provides Christian resources in Romanian and English Language. He sent me in a timely manner, free sets of CDs and DVDs that I was interested in. I highly appreciate the quality, the time and effort that Lucian puts into his work.” September 23, 2008

Adrian Iordache, Production Manager, Terradox Solutions (business partner), was with another company when working with you

“Lucian works as a volunteer at overseeing a team of translators translating our online Bible lessons and books into Romanian language. This has been a long term effort as all work was done in each individual’s spare time. Lucian and the translation team have completed one online course and a lot of the online books used with the course.” August 28, 2006

Bob Curtice, Software Development, Amazing Facts Inc., was with another company when working with Lucian at Internet to Heaven / Intercer

“Reliable webmaster and developer. Excellent people skills. Plenty of drive and dedication. Highly recommended.” August 28, 2006

Stefan Ianta, Owner, Contirex, was Lucian’s client

“Lucien is a visionary that uses his talents to make things happen. I have seen many projects that Lucien worked on develop and certainly do recommend him.” August 18, 2008

Sean Carney, Practice Administrator, AllMedPhysicians, pLLC., was a consultant or contractor to Lucian