Survey websites

Here is a list of better paying survey websites and apps that I used for the past five years. You can make some extra money for shopping or other expenses.

Generally I made about $1200 – $1700 per year from surveys and cash back, considering also some interviews I did. I did not include the cash back earned on my credit cards here, these are on top of those.

Disclosure: I will include my referral links if you want to use it to signup for these sites (you don’t have to). The advantage is that by using my referral link some programs with give us both some points. Some sites do not have a referral program, so I did not include a specific sign-up link for these.
It pays in $50 gift cards or PayPal. I made about 2 x $50 per year. It allows more persons from a household. It includes surveys related to Canadian market, groceries, politics, restaurants and fast food etc.
Working these since 2016. They have daily activities, surveys, cash back, rewards on trying different services, games, and more. Some surveys took me to interviews. I made about $1000 in 4 years with them. Also allows more persons from a household. I referred my wife Rozy and I still get 10% of whatever she makes. It is a vast collection of things, they have a browser extension etc. 1000 SB = $10. They have discounts, when you can redeem $10 amazon with 750SB (swagbucks)
Sign up:   (you get $10 after some activities)

Sign up (browser extension): ( this is another 100SB )
Branded Surveys (formerly MintVine) used to pay you in USD. You can get paid in PayPal or gift cards. They have daily polls (5 poins), $10 is 1000 points. You may find more surveys for professionals and paid better like 200+ points. Generally you can make $10 every 2-3 months if you are consistent.
Sign up:
You may like this one, as you may get their expenses diary survey, which gives you 1500 points, by filling out. You can easily get an amazon $10 with 1550 this way.
Canadian surveys, shopping, politics, etc. You can get regularly between 800-1200 points, or 40 points if you don’t qualify. You can redeem for Petro-Points, Hudson Bay or a few others. I like it for Petro-Points. Sometimes you get some surveys that qualifies you to interviews or online forums, or shoppings with a review after (like buying a coffee from Tim Hortons) etc.
Sign up: they require the invite to be sent from their website, let me know if you want one
This one is a good panel, but I seldom receive the surveys. It pays $3 per each surveys and you can redeem for VISA cards or gift cards or some items. They used to have PayPal before.


Cash back app, but also surveys, games, and much more. You can get some times $20 to $100 for trying different offers. I got several hundred dollars since I’m using it. (that’s how I got some credit cards I think!)

Sign up: (you get $5)

Cash back app with diverse offers from stores, banks. They have promotions and once a month a “Dreamstakes” contest for a big price (it used to be $25-30k before the pandemic) like $1000 if you do some activities or buy from some specific stores. You can redeem at $15 by e-transfer.
Sign up:  (get $5)

This is a recent one I tried, similar to Checkout51, but it has daily surveys $0.05-$0.20, that add up. I almost made $20 in less than 2 months. You need to upload receipts, but they have more options and they pay 0.10 per receipt. Redeem at $20 I think as a cheque.
Sign up:  (get $1)

Receipt Hog
Yes, that’s the name! You upload receipts from groceries, clothes and other stores and get money. It took me one year to get $25 the first year. It depends on the store category and amount spent. Also, you get to the next level every 2 months or so, so my second year I earned the $25 in the first half of the year.

Nielsen HomeScan
They want you to scan your products and you can do it with an app now (until now they sent you a scanning machine!) You don’t make too much with this, it’s more like a volunteering job to help the researchers! You only need to submit shopping items at least once a week, but this will qualify you for sweepstakes that can be valuable, like holidays, appliances etc. Sometimes it is a waiting list to get in. I got in last October or so.

Other sites/apps for cash back you probably know:
(I used to get more when Amazon was active on Rakuten, but still good when you buy expensive items like a computer, or appliance etc., sometime they have 10% cash back or even more for some stores, it has a Chrome/Firefox extension)   (earn $25 for every referral, they make $5)

PayTM Canada (
An app to pay bills like credit cards, property taxes, income tax, utility bills and much more etc., it gives you points that you can redeem for gift cards. They need to refill their card inventory now with the pandemic. It allows you to pay with a credit card and it used to have no fee for about 1-2 years, but now there is a 1.75% fee. If you pay from bank account, there is no fee. You can deposit money in your PayTM cash account and if you pay with this “cash”, the payment is sent faster. (1-2 days). This is like an extra reward for just paying your bills.
Sign up: enter code: PTM7126596

Depending on where/what you buy you can get a good amount of cash back. You need to upload receipts. Redeem at $20 as a cheque.
I am watching this, as they will come to my province. NeoFinancial want to give you cash back up to 40-50% to some stores where they have deals. It started as a Mastercard in Montreal and Calgary.


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Did you buy PC versions of Microsoft MS-DOS, Windows, Office, Word, Works, and/or Excel between 1998 and 2010 for use in Canada? If so, you might be eligible for compensation.Make a claim to get up to $250 cash for individual licenses or get up to $650 in vouchers for Volume Licenses without proof of purchase.