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We am very glad and thankful to know and collaborate with such great people! Follow them and read about their passion and services below.

Alina Oswald – Writer, Author & Expert Photographer 

Alina Oswald, Photographer
Alina Oswald, Photographer

Here is some of Alina’s photography and publishing work. You can buy her artwork at FineArtAmerica.com .

RT @ANO07 Alina Oswald recently talked to recording artist Ira Weitz about his new educational CD for children, YOU.. http://fb.me/At0xVGKN

RT – #Photographer Alina Oswald introduce you to the #Hawaiian Words and Images  http://bit.ly/Zl1EIQ #Hawaii #photography @ANO07

RT – A very touching story. @ANO07 Author of JOURNEYS THROUGH DARKNESS: A Biography of AIDS. http://alinaoswald.com/books

New artwork for sale! – “Beyond the Fog Screen” – http://bit.ly/YfHItq @fineartamerica pic.twitter.com/JQ4OBrHUIk by @ANO07

New artwork for sale! – “Lights in the Snow” – http://bit.ly/Y5YlbM @fineartamerica http://pic.twitter.com/EVPKnjJVZt by @ANO07

New artwork for sale! “Secrets of the Aloha Blue Prism” http://bit.ly/YfEOos @fineartamerica http://pic.twitter.com/9l0praXzCl by @ANO07

Deanna Atkinson – Pink & Blue Kidz Clothing

New & Gently Used Kids Clothing

Visit @PinknBlueKidz on Facebook for shows, deals and much more! Now their new store is open in downtown Chilliwack!

Rebecca K. – Coastal Valley Creations

Coasters and other objects laser inscriptions

Visit CoastalValleyCreations.com now to order your customized coaster!

Virtuell Magik Corp. – Creating virtual magic from the spaces around us

VRMagik.com :: We are a start-up company specializing in 360 degree photography. or, simply put virtual tours. As one of the first in Newfoundland, we can guarantee you will be impressed by the end product, because it will completely transform how you think about real estate, retail shopping, beauty spas, hotels and more. For the viewer of the tours you can walk around any space from wherever you feel like, saving you the commute, fuel, and your valuable time! For the owner of the space attract more clients by letting them “be there” without taking up any of your time, until they are interested in coming in!

We serve practically any location in the world, with some exceptions. We are based in St. John’s, Newfoundland and also operate in Toronto, Ontario. Please email us at info@vrmagik.com with any inquiries or find us on Facebook “Virtuell Magik Corp.”

Dog-Eh! Helping you and your dog make the most of every day together.

Dog-eh.com :: We sell dog supplements directly to consumers as well as to retail stores within Canada and the U.S.
We have 3 premium dog supplements geared towards 3 major pain points

  • Joint Support (for aging dog’s joints)
  • Skin & Coat Plus (for dog allergies)
  • Metabolism Support (for dogs with metabolism/digestive issues or for dogs that can do with a boost of nutrients like puppies)

Our business name “Dog-Eh!” is a canadian spin on the word/phrase “doggy”!

Robin J. Elliott – JV Expert, Collaborative, Leveraged Marketing Coach         

Robin J. Elliott - Joint-Venture Expert
Robin J. Elliott – Joint-Venture Expert

Robin starts a new “Leverage Advantage” group coaching every year. Join now!

Here are some benefits of Robin’s coaching program, described in the invitation tweets below.

No risk marketing allows you to pay for results, not promises http://tinyurl.com/a2rarla Join today! @thedollarmaker

Leverage the resources of other businesses to increase your sales http://tinyurl.com/a2rarla Join now! @thedollarmaker

Big business marketing for small businesses – cheap http://tinyurl.com/a2rarla Join today! @thedollarmaker

Ditch risky advertising for leveraged marketing http://tinyurl.com/a2rarla Join now! @thedollarmaker

Collaborative marketing can supercharge your sales http://tinyurl.com/a2rarla Enroll today! @thedollarmaker

Cynthia Zirkwitz – Online marketer of health-focused ideas & products. 

Cynthia Zirkwitz - Online marketer, "Techy Gran"
Cynthia Zirkwitz – Online marketer, “Techy Gran”

Kindle Buffet: Find & download the best free books, magazines and newspapers for your android/iphone http://bit.ly/YS1bk2 #kindle

28 weeks on the New York Best Seller List & deserves to be! Forks Over Knives-

300 Plant-Based Recipes http://t.co/ONboFcIVzj via @amazon

Free Kindle Book: 30 nutritious snacks that keep you feeling full and help you easily lose weight http://t.co/dlHpv1U8pw via @amazon

3 great vegan corn soup recipes to finish off the winter http://lnkd.in/X8xsZN

It’s Only Natural: 200 natural cleaning product recipes to have a Green, Healthy & Allergy-Free Home … http://t.co/S5ERPIWrvQ via @amazon

Martin Eising – Web engineer

Martin Eising - Web engineer
Martin Eising – Web engineer

Martin works for Health Quotes, a Canadian company which provides insurance quotes for different life aspects: life insurance, travel insurance and more.

Also, together with his wife, Martin curate and promote Edible Wild Food, a website dedicated to provide details on edible wild plants, flowers, shrubs, trees and vines.


“Edible wild food has existed in almost every corner of our planet for tens of thousands of years. Edible weeds, flowers and wild herbs were foraged and used as food (as well as medications); and they provided all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients required for the human body to maintain good health. Foraging for food used to be the way to survive.

Chances are edible weeds are in your backyard, on pathways you walk every day, or in fields you see every day. Many of these plants can be foraged and added to your daily diet to increase your nutritional intake. There’s a plethora of wild herbs, weeds, flowers, shrubs, trees and vines all safe to eat so long as you identify them properly and know what part of the plant is usable!”

Brady LowLor – The Phone Doctor

Brady Lawlor, UFV Bachelor of Business Administration, The "Phone Doctor" [photo UFV]
Brady Lawlor, UFV Bachelor of Business Administration, The “Phone Doctor” [photo UFV]

A new age phone repair service, proudly serving the Lower Mainland with all its mobile device needs

“Phone Doctor is dedicated to serve the growing number of cell phone users in, but not limited to the Lower Mainland.

We have built strong relationships with customers who are students, Doctors, Dentists and especially the rugged mechanics and construction workers who are inevitably harder on their devices.”

I personally used Brady’s service to replace a wi-fi antenna on an iPhone 6. I am very happy with his quick and professional repair service. A+!

“The beginning was simple, I took a down payment, ordered parts online, when the parts arrived I repaired the phone and then the customer paid the remainder. In this small scale word of mouth stage I did not make a lot of money but I did gain a nickname as Phone Doctor, which would become the name of my business.”

Read Brady’s “Phone Doctor” story here.

West Coast Nissan Pitt Meadows

Get great deals & services from Pitt Meadows West Coast Nissan Dealership! http://bit.ly/YKvf1Q  #marketing #mapleridge @westcoastnissan

We like Nissan cars, so our latest 3 cars were bought at the West Coast Nissan Dealership in Pitt Meadows.

“As our Nissan Altima 2008 approached 140,000km we thought it is a good time to upgrade it. We were encouraged also by the local West Coast Nissan Dealership newsletter deals we received this July.

We started our online search for pre-owned cars and found a Nissan Altima 2014 with low mileage and a tempting price. Since our last buy, we kept in touch with Vincent Wilson from sales, so he was the one to receive our call. Making an appointment was easy, so the next morning we were at the dealership looking at the cars.” [ read more ]

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